Chef Tucker

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Since being a young lad, I have always had a desire to serve others. I have done  so in multiple capacities such as the U.S. Army and law enforcement; my mission has always been to serve my fellow man. My mother and grandmother instilled in me qualities that I shall never forget. However, they each played a huge part in my cooking abilities. 


What prompted my attentiveness in cooking was me visiting different restaurants, observing different cooking shows, and conceptualizing their ideas. The challenge of cooking and knowing how to cook a particular type of food is what sparked my interests in cooking. 


My mother and grandmother started me to cooking. I use to sit the kitchen and watch them prepare different meals daily. In my observation,  I would always ask questions and become consciously aware of what they were preparing and how they were preparing it. If there was something I missed or didn’t understand, I would post the appropriate questions needed to successfully learn how to prepare the said meal. 


In remembrance of my late mother,Ms. Pamela Tucker, I have taken time to master my skills within the kitchen setting. It Is my hope and desire that one day I will be able to serve the masses on an even greater scale. With God, I know ALL things can and will be possible. 


As I began my journey as a chef, my goal is to bring joy to each patron in which I encounter. In doing so, I pledge to always present the best of myself and the best of my work at all times. God speed and I hope to see you soon at an event with Chef Tuck!